Improve your everyday well-being, by bringing you modern A++ energy-efficient, ecological and nature-inspired home


Bring sense of harmony into our everyday lives, by building inspiring, modern and energy efficient dome houses


Relentless attention to comfort and details,
seamlessly blending nature with up-to-date
modern-life convenience

It took 12 years of construction experience to create MaRichi Dome

Having 12+ years of experience in construction, and and open mind for everything new, we were inspired by the natural form of the dome. However, we did not like the dome offers available in Europe. At the time, these were summer-only houses, or small houses, or built from poor, non-ecological materials we would not like to live in ourselves.
So we thought – could there be a better dome?
A dome that is an all-year livable house, not just summer house.
Made of wood, not some materials harmful for your health.
And compliant with strict A++ energy efficiency standards – for those who care about the planet.
Are you ready to live closer to nature? Be healthier and more productive? Then MaRichi Dome could be the perfect choice for you!

Why Choose MaRichi Dome?

Save energy

Care for the planet – Save 30% energy costs

Save Materials

Care for the planet – use 30% less materials

Appealing Looks

Be noticed:
attract the pleasant attention

Good vibe

More natural light,
better air circulation,
healthier you


Experience peace and harmony in your everyday life

Better air circulation

With less corners, less obstacles for the air to flow freely, and healthier you.

Panoramic views

Enjoy the views of your surroundings from anywhere inside – no need to come closer.

More light inside

Most shadows form in the corners. With less corners, better lighting inside

No load-bearing walls

That kitchen wall is “load-bearing”? Not with Domes! Unleash your imagination.

Built from wood

Wood is much healthier than concrete, and is already replacing concrete in many countries.

Natural shape

Less corners ->
Less stress ->
Healthier you

Let’s Bring You Closer to Nature

Live in perfect harmony – in a large modern, A ++ energy efficiency class, comfortable and smart residential dome house.