Frequently Asked Questions

Why wooden dome? Why now?

1. Wrong housing materials impact your health, and the health of others around you.
2. Wood already replaces concrete, as a more environmentally friendly and healthier alternative.
3. Dome is a shape that comes from nature, and being closer to nature makes you more relaxed and healthier.

Is wooden dome really a good investment?

Due to dome’s shape, you’ll need ~30% less materials than with traditional house. And you save ~30% on energy costs. Dome houses are at least 5 times more resilient to natural disasters like heavy winds, snow or even earthquakes (no wonder they are popular in Japan). Also, have you considered how much positive influence on your health and mood is worth?

There are other domes in the market. Why you?

MaRichi Dome is all-year house, not just summer house.
It is 100% A++ energy efficient
And it is made of wood (except windows, screws and optional other materials), so if perfect for a healthy living.

Can I choose the size of the dome?

Please find few typical choices, and their short summary below:

Use CasesMain House,
Vacation House
Main / Vacation House,
3-4 flats for AirBnB
Main House,
Small Hotel
Diameter14 m18 m24 m
Height8.75 m11 m15 m
Space, m2~170 m2~550 m2~1.500 m2
Max Floors234

Let’s Bring You Closer to Nature

Live in perfect harmony – in a large modern, A++ energy efficiency class, comfortable and smart residential dome house.